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You said the most cliche things of all the day we said goodbye. “It’s not goodbye, I’ll be seeing you again.” In the moment, it seems so sweet and sincere, but as you look back at it now, you realize it was only as I said before- a cliche thing. I haven’t seen you since and your voice has become yet another distant memory.

Sometimes I remember the way you smiled so largely as I walked through the airport terminal, seeing you for the first time in months. I was nervous and that nervousness made me hesitate at the sight of you. I can think now of how cute you looked, standing there, smile and all, but during that moment I felt nothing, but scared. 

If I were to see you yet again, I wouldn’t know what to do. Should I embrace you, as I wish I had done at the airport? Or would I simply walk away without a word, as I should have the last time we broke.


Sometimes I wonder, why did I ever leave Washington? Was living near Seattle that bad? I can handle the cold and the rain, even though it is my favorite. I never wanted anyone to think I came back to California because I wanted to take the easy way out… but yes, it was a little bit easier. I am able to have my own car (and insurance) down here, but the most important fact was that I was able to afford school here. 20 dollars a unit compared to 80 dollars (well, it would have been over one hundred since I was not considered a resident yet), it was nonsense! I do miss the evergreen state, especially those I left behind. I need to be able to visit more often so I don’t always see it as a place I left behind.


So WordPress has finally made it possible to blog on the go. I guess this shall be useful if I have an amazing ramble going on through my head and can’t wait until I get home in fear of forgetting it (and I cannot deny that I have bad memory). I am glad that it allows us to add pictures too! Very convenient.

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