We have all been through different walks in life. Some have been able to stroll along enjoying the scenery and savoring every minute. While others have had to run with all their strength to endure every moment not knowing if it would be their last. Some people have gone through things in their lives before the age of 18 that many people three times their ages have yet to experience. Everyone has a story to tell. Through but a few images and text have I chosen to share my bestfriends.

Jasmine Becker is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. She has this optimism that brings me back up the minute I start to fall. She appreciates everything life has to offer and enjoys the simplest things. She has a passion that will drive you to become inspired. She is driven on in life by the experiences of others and herself. As well as all the love she has been shown and has given. Photography is but a tool that she uses to express her creative, stylish and attention to detailed eye. Music runs through her veins, as she always has some new band or song to introduce you to. She has a way with words yet quotes can speak for her. I will always look forward to the times I spend with her because even if we waste our day away doing absolutely nothing it’s as if we accomplished a million things by just appreciating the beauty of the world.

Jasmine was diagnosed in October 2004, her sophomore year of high school with Ovarian Cancer. The doctors found a germ cell tumor on her ovary. She underwent chemotherapy for 5 months until March 2005. Jasmine is currently in her fourth year of remission. With but the remains of two scars Jasmine continues to remind herself how blessed she is to still be alive. That everyday is a blessing and yet another day to be able to explore, adventure and enjoy life.

-Paulette Castro