I may never feel this way again. The cold air hits me hard and my lips are shivering, though the rest of me is frozen. I see you to my left, quiet, but your presence is strong. You are smoking your cigarette, trying your best to keep the smoke from hitting me; you never realized that the disgusting smell could make my heart melt, reminding me of you. Am I wrong to love parts of you that I would hate in any other being? I just see you as more than any other being. As I watch you from the corner of my eye, huffing and puffing your toxic air, I long for your presence- ache for it, even. As you put your finished cigarette out on the cold, hard ground, I know it is time to face what we’ve been avoiding all night. Your tender, icicle hands find their way to my face and I know I’ll never want to let go. As your lips part to speak everything you’ve been holding back, too afraid to say, I know that I may never feel this way again.