Your kisses were rough, but your skin baby soft. The lights were off, but a film was playing on the television, casting a glow onto your skinny, little body. When the night began, I was nervous, unsure of what I wanted, but as it progressed, the nervousness went was replaced with eagerness. 

Your body, though unfamiliar, felt as though it were made to fit perfectly with my own. The air surrounding us in my tiny room in my tiny apartment was cold, but I had your heat to keep me warm. With our limbs intertwined, I felt like we were the only creatures left to wander the Earth.

To leave this bed will be such torture, but I know soon the sun will rise and our bodies will go back to being our own. How badly I wish we could stay in this sea we call my bed, but the world demands more of us. So, it’s time to get up for the day, but I know we will be falling into this sanctuary of a bed again soon.