I sat on the ground, staring as the clouds as they moved endlessly across the sky. I wondered if someone on the other side of the world sees the same sky I do. I wonder if the stars ever get tired of shining so brightly, those tiny explosions in the sky. The air is getting thicker and though I could spend all day staring at the universe above, I know I have to go. It is dangerous to stay in one spot for too long and I know that you are trying to find me. When you’re bad at saying goodbye, sometimes you just have to leave without a word. You try to not leave a trace, but when someone loves you so desperately, they’re convinced nothing can get in between the two of you. How do you break someone’s heart in such a situation, though? I’ve seen many people do it so effortlessly before- hell, even to me- but I can’t seem to bring myself to spill my guts out knowing they will be like acid upon another’s heart. So I did what I always do, I attempt to vanish in thin air. It doesn’t work this time and I can hear your footsteps running across the earth trying to find me. I may be lost, but I don’t want to be found.