It has become clear. So incredibly clear and obvious that I am embarrassed to be standing here in front of you, legs quivering, knees shaking, about to say the words which you knew before I even realized them myself. Your eyes spell out the words I know you are about to say before you even blink. I know I should be the first one to open my mouth and let this word vomit fall at your feet, but aside from the shaking of my limbs, I feel frozen.

I am a big block of ice and you are the blistering sun, threatening to move closer and closer until there is nothing left of me. I wonder if you realize what you do to me, but by the sly smile creeping onto your face, I have no doubts about it. You’ve deceived me thus far, making me believe that all would work out easily. As smooth as the quick ride down the tallest slide. You know my fears and how hard such a confession could be for me; how excruciating these three words seem to be. You’ve been patient and though your eyes hold me down against the floor, so I know I must do the inevitable. I must say what I will someday regret, a long time from now, when I wonder what ever happened to you.

Here we go…