You don’t want to be in this little head of mind. A pretty face, but she always seems so confused; she is never really there. I’ve got the largest map open and I am trying to find where you are, but the lines that lead from me to you are tangled up and I fear the worst has yet to come. If only you would offer me some sort of clue or if I could catch a train straight to you. Part of me knows that you don’t want to be found out and I wonder if it is part of the game you like to play or if you are afraid of what I will find underneath.

There is just something about you, those are the words you whisper on my ear, but once I turn around you are already gone. I’m a mess of a girl and I can no longer even think straight. I want you and you and you and you and you and only you. I want you to stop running in circles and I want to find myself at your door. No one could blame me for going crazy just as no one could blame you for giving in for the first time in your life.

I am not sure who you are trying to fool, but it is clear that you’ve got me under your spell.