It amazes me how you can desire someone for so long, without a touch of affection. I can remember the first night I laid my eyes on you and how my heart fell to my stomach. You stood there and I admired your skin, which is stained so beautifully with tattoos. It was outside of your apartment door and only for a brief minute, and then I was off.

I didn’t think of you often and you didn’t cross my mind much. We were both taken and though I was tempted to grab you and kiss you on the lips each time our cross passed, I resisted. I knew nothing would come of it because you were something beautiful, and I, just a shy, sweet girl, who would find it so hard to approach you with any silly attraction of mine.

Here I am, two years later, still thinking of that handsome face I always admired from afar. Now is a time where we both find ourselves unattached, but it seems as though time and distance will never let us have our way. I desire you in a way that is unlike any other desire I’ve felt before. It is more than sex, more than lust, more than the silly attraction it once was. I used to laugh at those movies in which women felt they just simply KNEW he was the one, but here I am. Though I am not claiming that you are some sort of soulmate of mine, I know that something good will come of this. As long as I give patience a try; Lord knows I will wait as long as I have to to kiss those lips of yours.