I am unsure of what to do on these sleepless nights. Do I try to avoid thinking about you (which only makes it worse) or accept the fact that you are on my mind every minute I am conscious? When I can’t be beside you in bed, I hope to drift to sleep fast so I can see you in my dreams, but that never happens as I hope. So I try to entertain myself with a movie I have seen a thousand times, but even reciting every word of every line gets so boring. So I pick up the nearest book and try to lose myself in the story, but once someone gets kissed, I am back to thinking of you. Sometimes I try to write, whether by pen and paper or typing away at my keyboard, but it doesn’t make sleep come any faster. I’m sure you know I write all of this about you and I wonder if you think of me on those nights you toss and turn; it really makes me wonder why we ever sleep apart to begin with.