I always found myself wondering where you were and if you are happier without me. It broke my heart each time I tried to reach out to you, only to get nothing in return. It felt as though I never even existed to you anymore. I remembered the way you kissed me and told me all the perfect words, so I began to wonder how you could go from meaning so much to meaning nothing at all. It took me so long to finally let someone in, but when you finally made your impact on me, you left without a sound.

I was finally able to go throughout my days without a single thought of you… so of course, that is when you decide to make an effort to see how I was doing. You keep asking me what is new and if I’m doing alright, but I won’t ask you any of the same. All of the things I once wondered about you now mean as little to me as I did when you left. You are dragging this conversation on and while I am ready to begin forgetting your name again. If you must know, so much is new and I am doing quite well, I’ve been just fine without you.