It never fails to amaze me, you know. How one can go from caring for you so deeply to not at all. What happened during the night that made you wake and not long for me anymore? Whose face did you see that made you forget how beautiful you once thought mine was? I remember you looking me in the eyes and telling me those simple words which can mean so much, “You’re so beautiful.” I can remember how badly I wanted to look away, embarrassed and undeserving, but in that moment, I believed you meant it.

But now, I wonder if you could have meant a single thing you ever said. If you cared for me, you wouldn’t have done this to me. So selfish, so careless, so ruthless. Last night I dreamt about you again and you were so furious with me. I wept and wept and wept and begged of you that if I couldn’t have your heart, I could at least have your friendship. I felt that I needed you in my life in some way during the dream and I felt the same way when I woke.

I must come to the realization that you’re gone and want nothing to do with me. Your days go by just fine without me in your life; at least that makes one of us.