The sun is finally setting; you’ve been waiting for this moment all day. There is an orange glow taking over the room, making you feel as though for just this moment, time doesn’t matter. Perhaps the world has stopped spinning or perhaps you’ve pressed pause on the remote control of life. You want to lay on the ground and take in the beauty of the changing of the lights. The air feels warm upon your skin and you hope that with the darkness of the night will come a cool breeze. You realize that you never take the here and the now for what it is worth, you are always waiting for the next moment to come. Just this once, you wish you could sit as still as you feel the world is, but you can’t, and within another moment the room is no longer the hazy, orange, calming glow, but a dull shade of blue. You’re waiting for the nighttime to come and go, you’re waiting for the moment the sun rises, just so you can see it set once more.