The creaking door gives you away; the room may be dark, but I know you’re there. The night was long and hard; a lot of words were said that cannot be taken back. You’re filthy and disgusting. I’m a lying piece of shit. We will punch each other until our skin turns blue and we will claw at each other until blood fills the room. You are so handsome and strong, while I lay fragile and pale. You live through sadism and I am a living, breathing, bleeding masochist. We are meant to rot together, decaying in each others’ arms.

Did you create this monster inside of me or have you only been feeding the beast which cannot be tamed? When I look at you, I fall into the pt of my own stomach; I am scared of what you’re capable of, yet excited at the thought of the damage you’ll leave behind. WHen you look at me you feel pity, yet the need to destroy the filth in front of you. I can feel your blood boiling just as you can feel my sweat dripping down, along my body. You want to keep me this way, knowing I’ll let you do whatever you please.

So do as you please; force me to my knees. My skin will never hold all of the bruises I desire nor will these scars last forever. I will be for more, never feeling satisfied, which will enrage you even more. Tonight was another train wreck and we’ve left our wreckage all over the floor. You began to feel guilty for what you’ve done to me so you tried to stay away, just for one night, for my sake (or so you said). I hear your heavy steps come through the creaking door and my skin begins to tremble; I am ready for more.