I just want to remember what it was like. Before you, before love, before the sex, before the lies, and before all of those endless stares. You’ve consumed me in one big gulp and I can see in those big brown eyes that you are ready to spit me out. Just like that. I’ve never felt so disposable and you’ve never felt so victorious, but you haven’t won a thing. All we’ve got are these hazy memories and faulty alibis, but we haven’t won a thing.

Kiss me with your salty lips and caress me with your monstrous arms. I begin to wonder what I ever saw in you, but your rough ways don’t leave much time to sit and contemplate. You’d devour me whole if I’d just let you in. I’ve always been a masochist, so come on in, stay as long as you please, don’t mind your manners.

I want you to devour me, to chew me up and spit me out. Violate me. Defile me. I already know that I’ll never be the same again. When I met you, I was a girl so proud and honorable, but now I am just a vessel of a soul, wanting and waiting for you to take control.

To take it all.