It is harder and harder to maintain control. What once was a girl with a heart so lonely is now a body that keeps on aching. It longs to be touched, tugged, pulled, scratched, bitten, and everything else imaginable. This is my body, but it is a body I cannot satisfy on my own. I need to be violated. I need to be hurt. I need to be marked. I can’t get a good nights sleep until someone takes control of me.

My hair needs to be pulled and my skin needs to be bitten. You’d think it would be easy to find someone to satisfy these simple, filthy desires, but every night I am left naked and craving more. Maybe I’ll never feel fulfilled, perhaps no one can ever fuck me just right.

I don’t need feelings, love, or a man to call my own, I just need a man to call me his dirty little slut and shove me to my knees, where I have always belonged. I’m clawing at my own skin; the beast needs to be let out because it can never be tamed. I try not to grind my teeth so I bite my lip until it bleeds. I’m waiting to be another man’s next victim.