Those eyes.

Those bright, blue, beautiful eyes. Yet they contain some kind of darkness, somewhere beneath it all. Within her is a secret, hoping to never be found out. Those eyes can gaze into your eyes and you feel she can see right through you. They’re piercing your skin and you know that you’ll never be the same again. She comes as your savior, your heroine, but she will leave as she pleases. She will strip you down and leave you with nothing, somehow making you believe it was your idea. So tell me, how does it feel to know she feels nothing about it all.

When looks can be so deceiving, it is easy to be played for a fool. No one can blame you, for we all have been guilty of falling for someone we really knew nothing about. There is no solution and nothing to ease the pain; you will always wonder who she really was, you just need to get it through your head that you will never really know.

She’s gone and she’s taken all of your sanity with her. She’s swallowed your entity whole, leaving more to remain undiscovered behind those beautiful, dark, haunting eyes.