With each day, I miss you less, but it still feels like such a tremendous amount. It is true what they say, that we only focus on the good times and not the bad. Everyday I remember something about you, but only the good stuff. I miss the way you would tell me I was beautiful before we undressed for bed. Remember the time you picked me up from the airport? That smile on your face energized me from across the room. It is easy to remember how good it felt to wake up next to you, but I never seem to remember how uncomfortable I felt trying to fall asleep with your arms around me. I need to focus on the things I never cared for because I can’t go on missing you like I do.

I want to wake up in the morning without the empty feeling you’ve left me with and I want to be able to fall asleep with a smile on my face again. I want to remember how amazing life can be without you; without anyone in particular. I was far from innocent when I first met you, but somehow now I feel like a little girl again. I am fragile and broken, I am scared to cross any road without looking both ways a million times before that first step. I was living a life worth living before I met you and every day will be something to look forward to, even now that you’re gone.