Everything happens for a reason.” It is hard to believe something like this when bad things happen in our lives, but there is some sort of comfort to think that even though shitty things happen, there is a reason for it. God has something more in store for me than what I have here. There is a reason you broke my heart; perhaps because you just weren’t the right one for me. There is a reason I had cancer; I needed to learn to be stronger. There is a reason for every crack in the road and every drop on a rollercoaster. There is a reason, even if it isn’t obvious from the start.

Maybe it is all a matter of faith. Not everyone believes in a high power and even less people believe in destiny. We are in control of our futures just as we are in control of how we react to all of the situations life throws at us. If things went perfectly every single day, we wouldn’t know how to appreciate the good stuff. So maybe I can think that it isn’t fair that I am alone, that I had cancer at a young age, or that I don’t know what to do next, but it is a great feeling to go to bed knowing I am exactly where I need to be.