Who is it? The girl you’ve fallen in love for. I have always wondered what it would take to keep you grounded and always hoped that it would somehow end up to be me. I can see it in your eyes, that there is a happiness within you that wasn’t brought on by me. I’ve been foolish time and time again, but this one really takes the cake. I suppose I knew this was coming, I guess I knew better.

What good is the heart? I’ve tried to believe that I should listen to my brain more often, but my heart is pulling at my sleeve, begging to follow it around no matter where it is heading. So I’ve crawled to this dead end and I wonder why I wasn’t enough this time. I can’t help but to torture myself, wondering who she is and what she has that is so much better than what I’ve offered.

How is this possible? To convince yourself and end up believing that you could be so happy with someone when the truth is they will never give you the time of day.