Sometimes it is hard for me to get a grasp on things. Have things really ended? Has the hope in this all finally run dry? It has, but sometimes when I awake in the morning, I still think of you. I still have the urge to tell you “Good morning” as though nothing had ever happened. I’ve got a big heart, which is bittersweet, so when I made the decision that I needed things to end for my own happiness, it was a struggle. Tears were shed and harsh words were said, but in the end it is hard to remember that there was a reason for it all. Sometimes I get sad upon realizing that I will never kiss those lips again or hear all the words I waited years to hear. Some nights are hard when I realize how lonely I’ve become, but other nights, like tonight, I remember that someday someone better will come along. I’ll never forget you, but I won’t always miss you.