Forgiveness is key in life. I can’t even begin to imagine a world without forgiveness. To hold grudges until the day you die or feel such remorse towards a person for so long seems so destructive. People make mistakes and if you can’t even try to forgive someone, what makes you think you will ever deserve forgiveness yourself? Maybe karma isn’t real, maybe you could be the nicest person to everyone in the world and still be treated like shit… well, that definitely happens. You can have a big heart and have very few people actually appreciate that in you, but what matters is how you treat others. The world is a beautiful place and so are the people living on it. I’m not saying be a foolish person, forgiving everyone for anything, but I am saying that it wouldn’t hurt to at least consider it. It drives me insane when someone refuses to forgive me, but the most amazing thing is being able to let go of any bad feelings with someone. Communication, forgiveness, appreciativeness; sometimes it is the simple things we forget that matter.