“You’re something else,” he told her.

“Don’t you forget it,” she whispered, going in for another kiss. The last one was a long one. The rain had stopped right before they pulled up to the airport drop off zone, but the air was still cold an the skies quite gloomy. The day they both dreaded was finally here and there was no turning back; she was getting on the plan and going a thousand miles away. She was used to running away, but this was the first time she began feeling any regret before she even left. She was going to miss this one.

There is more to her than anyone ever assumes. She is a child of divorce and has led her life believing that no one ever stays around. She wasn’t the most beautiful woman, but she had an amazing personality and contagious laugh to make up for it. She had a knack for traveling and meeting strangers as often as she could, for everybody had a story to tell. Though she was always hesitant to tell her own story, no one really minded because she had a way of making people feel like they’ve known her for years, when the reality was they didn’t know her at all. Sometimes she felt that she was even a stranger to herself, but that is how she liked it.

She grew up with expectations being thrown at her one after another and she was left with little self-esteem at the end of the day. All she could do was try to leave and start off anew in a place where no one knew her name. She liked being able to start over, though finding work was never easy. She started off waitressing and found herself bartending. The drinks and men came easy, as they always had.

She was used to her life of new places and new faces that she didn’t realize that sometimes, it is good to stay. She thought she was always made to leave, always stray, always abandon. She knew that this man, saying goodbye to her, was something that wasn’t going to come around again, but she still felt the need to flee. He may be amazing, but they all do at some point, don’t they? She reasoned her irrational need to leave by a fear that no man could ever stay.

Her armor was starting to wear and she couldn’t let anyone, not even him, see her bare. She thinks she is protecting herself by all of this, but she is only destroying herself in the end. Whether the alcohol kills her or the loneliness, she will need to figure out if it is all worth it. She knows she can’t keep running forever and it would be best to let someone else in for once, but she doesn’t know how.

Her heart is telling her to stay, to resist all of her urges to get on the plane, but she refuses to listen. He helps her grab her single luggage and she whispers a final goodbye before walking away. She has lived a life of no turning back, she wonders if it is even a life worth living anymore, but she can’t change her ways.