All inspiration has left the room, my heart, and my mind. With that last kiss you might as well have taken my last breath. I never wanted to feel like I was living for someone, but I never found something to live for and living for myself is too much of a selfish concept for me to comprehend. I used to have a heart so full of love for so many people and things, but it has since shriveled up and you were the only thing left keeping it beating. I don’t blame you for leaving or breaking what was left of me because I know I am the only one to blame.

I’ve become so empty and lonely all the while you were there next to me. I have become the biggest carrier of loneliness around you and the worst part is I had no reason to feel such a thing. It is the pessimists that will be the end of all things good and I hate to say that I have contributed to it, but what once was good in me has turned vile. Maybe I was never an optimist, but for the time I spent with you I tried so hard to keep my facade up. I should’ve known that all things must break, I just hope you didn’t get burned in the crossfire with me.

Sometimes I wish you would tell me that things will be alright in the end. Sometimes I wish you would tell me anything at all. I need to remember that I am the one who pushed you and the rest of the world away, but I wish someone would understand that misery loves company and being lonely is quite tiresome. Maybe someday I will find someone whose misery inspires me, but until then I will dwell in this lackluster life of mine.