Another year wiser, you try to convince yourself. Your skin has turned so pale and you’ve never realize how ghostly you’ve become until you sat in front of the mirror this morning. You wanted to see if your face has yet wrinkled and although it hasn’t, you can see how tired you’ve become; only twenty-years young, but you feel a thousand years older. It is hard to stop looking at your eyes, how dark and shallow they’ve become. You never realized how hopeless you came to be, you never realized that you’ve lacked hope from the beginning. You can’t keep looking at yourself anymore, the stranger looking back at you is making you cringe.

The air in your home is cold and the shadows are lurking around every corner. This is no sanctuary anymore, it is just a reminder of how lonely you are. You’ve been trying to find yourself the past five years, but you’ve come no closer to figuring anything out. You are your own wonder of the world and you will kill yourself before you let yourself go crazy. The whole world wonders how you haven’t realized that you’ve already lost your mind. We’re all crazy here.

This is your home.
This is your madness.