Remember when I first told you that I loved you? My voice was shaking, as were my bones. I had never told a man those three fatal words, but I found this need to say it to you. You were my everything and I felt I had nothing else in life. You were there to pick me up and give me the hope I had lost so long ago. It is a selfish life if you only live for yourself, but it is the naive life to live completely for someone else. You probably don’t remember the first time I told you I loved you, even though you were looking into my eyes as I whispered them to you, my skin trembling. You were the essence of everything I wanted to be, but for you, I was just a sad girl you were trying to save. You did save me, right from the beginning, but it was the end when you lost me and I lost myself, again. You may not remember when I first told you I loved you, but the truth is I wish I didn’t remember either.