Hello, stranger.

Hello, my love.

I am on my way to you as I write these words down. I am ten-thousand feet in the air and I can’t wait until the plane touches ground. I have the perfect playlist strumming through my ears and all of the songs are reminding me of you. It seems unreal, that it has been almost two years since I’ve seen you and even more so in just an hour, I will be with you again.

I haven’t even arrived yet, but I am already dreading leaving. Can’t I stay a while longer? One weekend surely isn’t enough to make up for lost times. My heart longs to be with you, constantly. Is there room for me on your bed? I would be happy just staying there forever, but the universe is against us, isn’t it?

I’ve never believed in long distance much, but a thousand miles could never change the way I feel for you. I’m almost there, let’s lay together for a while.