I’d love to go to the show; to cuddle up inside of a cabin with the fire going and a movie playing. We could roast marshmallows and take the longest baths known to man. We could kiss the night away and make love until morning. It may be freezing outside, but our bodies will keep us warm through any storm. I’d love to go to the snow, we could make snowmen and attack the world with snowballs. We will conquer the winter wonderland and keep trekking until we hit a lake. A frozen lake we can lay  above and reenact our favorite movie on top of. I could die right now, Clem. I’m just… happy. And we would be happy. With frozen noses and icicle fingers we’d stare at the stars until our eyes grew tired. The drive back to the cabin seems so long, so we’ll sit in the car with the heat blasted and take a little nap until we hear the owls hoot. We’ll drive back in the morning, but we will never want to leave the snow. Let’s just stay here for a while.