Please, get out. I don’t want you here anymore. I don’t need you here anymore. You nag at my skin, flesh, and bones, trying to consume me. I can’t be yours anymore; I need to be my own. Your scent has mixed with mine and I can’t tell the difference anymore. You used to fuel my soul so much that it could soar, but now you slow me down until I fall to the ground. This love has turned into a consuming need to destroy one another. I used to admire you, you know.

I used to admire you, but now I pity you. You need me so much; you need me to breathe, to live, to feel as though you exist. Why can’t you see I can’t be everything and more for you? I can’t be anything for you anymore, I need to live for myself. I should’ve never let myself become so vulnerable and needy, I should’ve never let you in. You want to stay, you say that you need me and though I can’t see it, I need you too. I used to fall for your foolish, foolish words before, but not anymore. I will carve you out of my body if I need to; I will do whatever I need to do. So please, get out, I don’t want you to have to see the monster I’ve become.