You would like to think that you are helping me by staying here. You assume that I can’t see the love draining out of you at the speed of light. I understand, I know how you feel, I can appear so dull and lifeless that no amount of company can change a thing. You would like to think that I have loved you endlessly and that won’t ever alter, but why can’t you see I am just waiting for you to leave? Once so exciting, I have turned into a sorry, sorry woman. You are too good for me; this we both know. What you don’t understand is that I will be fine on my own.

Before you came along I was living just fine. I may not have had someone to share the bed with, but I busied myself so I never had to think about it. I know you’re scared for me because you care for me so much, but I know all you feel for me now is pity. Lord, I am pitiful. What you don’t realize is I’ve lived myself for these twenty years and I will make it another twenty more, whether or not you are by my side. You don’t want to see me alone, but I know you’d rather not see me at all. Don’t hesitate, you can breathe. You can leave anytime you’d like to, I can’t bear to hold you back anymore.