It is a brand new day and you are not sure it is worth it to crawl out of bed. You’ve been so busy sulking in life’s miseries that you no longer believe that things can get better. Everything turns against you and nothing ever seems to turn out right. Your boyfriend found someone better, your work decided they don’t need you as often, and the weather decides to gloom above you all day long. So this bed is your comfort place; it is the only place you can forget the world and pretend it doesn’t exist. The alarm clock is telling you to wake up, but what for? You are tired of the same routine and it is clear the routine is tired of you. You think to yourself, if only I can pick up and move somewhere new, somewhere where nobody knows me. Well, guess what, it is a brand new day and the world is yours. You can do whatever you want to do, it is all a matter of getting out of your bed and doing something about it.