It is another night with a racing mind and I have no doubts that sleep won’t come easy. I would try to close my eyes and hope to drift off to sleep, but I know once my eyes shut you will be the first image that pops up. It is an endless cycle, really. I’ll think of your face and that intoxicating smile you always seemed to have, followed by thinking of the many dates in the city we had. With my hand in yours I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. After those dates we would head back to your place and sit in front of a movie, arms all tangled up, and if we were lucky we would finish the whole movie. Sometimes we were even luckier and would end up in bed before the film’s climax. I can remember the first time and the last time and these memories are what float around my mind all throughout the day up until the night time. Then I will try to get some sleep and stop focusing on what has been, but every time I close my eyes, there you are.