“It has to be this way.”

Those were the last words you spoke to me before you walked away. No “Goodbye” or “See you later.” It has to be this way. There is no evidence to prove your words to be truthful, but you never looked back, did you? I remember the evening air feeling crisp against my face and I remember how you stood just a little bit further from me than normal. The day wasn’t the best for us, I admit that, but I never once thought that our time together was coming to an end. For the few weeks prior I tried so hard to ignore the fact that I wasn’t the only one who had caught your eye. I let myself believe that my lips were the only ones you had been kissing and my body the only one you had been touching. I know I was naive, but I don’t want to admit it.

It is hard for me to accept the way things are; the way you have made them become. My days seem longer and the nights a little colder, but you are not there to help me bear the night with. You have created this void in my life and I have begun to feel like I will not be able to fill it myself. It has to be this way, though; isn’t that what you said? You’ve ignored my calls and messages and I’ve sunken even deeper into this selfish depression. The lifeguard has gone astray and I know I can’t stay afloat much longer. I miss you and you know this, but it just doesn’t matter to you anymore. It has to be this way.

It has to.