“Show me,” I say, as I watch my breath appear in the space in front of me.

“Show you what?” you wonder. I can feel your eyes burning through me, but I can’t bear to look you straight in the eye anymore.

“Everything,” is the only thing I am able to whisper. How do you explain to a man sitting beside you that you are scared; scared that you just might love him. I’ve began to look for all of his flaws, hoping to find something that will snap me out of this childish playground love I have fallen in. I want to find something that makes me think of you in disgust so I don’t have to look in your eyes and wait for a response when I am finally able to tell you how I feel. I. Love. You. Or at least I might. I keep second guessing myself because I have never felt like this before; I never had to admit my vulnerability and passion for someone and facing such a reality is the scariest thing I have had to confront in my lifetime.

So what do I want you to show me? I want you to show me everything; show me all there is to you and all you aspire to be. Show me that I am not the only one feeling this way and show me that I’m not alone. Before I turn completely to look you in the eye, you grab my face with your frozen hands and place a kiss on my lips. Perhaps that is all you needed to do to show me everything.