Tell me something, anything. Something sweet to bring a smile to my face or something sad to remind me that my heart is there, even if it aches. I long to know all there is to know in that fragile head of yours. Tell me anything and everything, leave no memory behind. Tonight will remain sleepless and even if you fall asleep on me, the words you speak will remind flowing through my head. Perhaps I will write them down for you, in case that day comes when you can’t remember a thing, but how I looked the day we met. I fear someday you will wake up after a long night of sleep and feel pity for me, awake throughout the hours and trying to find a way to pass the time. I worry that you will realize you don’t want or need me, but rather someone you can hold while both of you drift to sleep. So keep those beautiful eyes open, just for a little while longer. Tell me whatever you would like to. Stay awake, just a little while, and tell me everything.