Are you scared? Does the truth frighten you, just a little bit? You miss the days when you were younger and the greatest love you ever felt was for your parents (and maybe your little kitten, Muffin, too). You want to crawl back into the cave you have kept yourself tucked away in for the past twenty-one years. No one has ever wanted you before and all you have known is heartbreaks, whether little or small. You have began to feel like you don’t deserve much of anything anymore. This breath or the next, another kiss from a handsome man, the food on your dinner plate, or the ground beneath your feet.

You have fallen hard, love. You have opened your eyes to the world around you and it is so vast that you don’t know where to make the next turn. What matters most? Success, wealth, or love? Can you figure out the path to happiness on your own or do you need someone else to hold your hand? You have learned not to trust easily, which has turned into you not trusting at all. A man is bound to leave you as easily as your father did. A friend is bound to leave you like all your imaginary ones did. So tell me, are you scared?

I am frightened out of my mind.