I can’t sleep tonight, no matter how hard I try. I keep hoping that I will fall into a slumber before the sun comes up because I am in dire need of rest. Thoughts of our last kiss and our last conversation are running through my head, making me unable to relax and find a comfortable spot on the bed. It further gives me the realization that I am here, alone, and you are lost in the world like Carmen Sandiego. Will I ever be able to find Waldo in the sea of faces I am left to face? I hope that we will find the right moment in time to be together, but as each minute goes by I have to face reality that there is no guarantee. You may wake up in the morning without another thought of me; the rest of your days could be satisfied some alternative way. All the while I will be tossing and turning, trying to convince myself that this hope and desire within me is enough to get me through the days, no matter how little sleep I get.