The morning sun is peaking its head through the clouds as I look at that handsome face of yours. Oh, my God, how I would love to just spit on it right now. All the anxiety I’ve been feeling for the past few months is all thanks to you. That handsome face, though, I can never turn down a kiss from those lips and that is what got me in this mess to begin with. So right now, I wish I could just spit on your face, just as you deserve. While you are sleeping you can’t taunt me with those delicious lips, you can’t silence me with another kiss, but why is it that even while you sleep they are still teasing me. They. Are. Right. There. Perhaps I find you more attractive when you are unconscious. I don’t have to listen to your bullshit, your lies, your many, many alibis, I can just kiss those lips and hope you don’t wake up. Oh, here we go again. I know I should hate you for all the shit you put me through, but with a pair of lips like those, I can never hate you for long.