Excuse me for my harsh words, but when my feelings for you are so strong, I can’t keep anything inside, vulgar or not. I look at you and your face which has aged so much since my first memory of you, and it disgusts me. I want to run my nails across your face and scratch it until it bleeds and matches the ugliness within you. Then I think to myself, nothing could show just how ugly you are, could it? What happened to you? Once such a brave, proud man. You stood tall and seemed like the man of any woman’s dream, but that is the farthest thing from the truth.

You are ruthless, selfish, and hurtful. You don’t mind if another person suffers at your own hand. You’d cheat on a woman a million times over before thinking of her. You’ve spread your seed all across town, with no shame or regrets. I wonder what made you turn into the man you are today; I wonder if anyone should even consider you a man at all. Stop looking at me with those creepy, longing eyes. I’d rather kill myself a thousand times than to ever fall for someone like you. You think you’ve got control over me, but when will you see that you don’t have anyone fooled?