I am an addict. Sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, everything; I am addicted to it all. I am a foolish girl marrying a man I’m not in love with. I’m a young man taking advantage of a girl not yet sixteen. I’ve been to the sea and back. I’m an adulterer and will hurt my wife time and time again. I’m a manic depressive. I’m bipolar. I’m homosexual. I’m heterosexual. I put everyone else’s needs above my own, but I only care for myself. I am never going to graduate from high school. I am never going to get off of the streets since it is the only life I know. I will let him believe it is his baby, even though I know it isn’t. I’ll let him think I’m a changed man, that I won’t sleep with other men again. I’m a mother, I’m a son, I’m an angel, I’m a devil. I am a little bit of all these things. I am none of these at all.