What a surprise, things have unraveled just as they always do. I become vulnerable, thinking that I may be acting foolish, but what is life if you don’t take a risk? Hoping for the best is something we should all do, but after being let down time and time again, I wonder if it is worth the effort. I tell myself it is worth it every time because hoping is what I do best, but the heartbreak is never any easier. I think that perhaps this time, finally, you will see how right I am for you, without even considering the possibility that you are wrong for me. Perhaps we are wrong for each other, but it feels as though we will never know.

We’ve got caught up in this never-ending circle. We tease and we please, but we are never satisfied. I don’t think any other girl can love you like I do, but maybe I don’t even know what love is since it is a feeling that is never reciprocated. I’ll hang up the phone as you tried to let me down nicely, feeling like I just leapt off of the highest mountain in the world. The fall is never easy and the act of breaking up will never get easier, no matter how many you go through. It is getting harder and harder to keep my chin up when all of these feelings which overwhelm me are keeping me down.

It is time to pick myself up from the ground and remember all the cliche lines people tell to the hopelessly hopeful. It only goes up from here.