All I want for Christmas is you; I feel like a little girl again when I would wish for world peace whenever I blew out the candles. I know what I wish for is outrageous and not within reach, but it doesn’t stop me from being hopeful, wide-eyed, and foolish. I’d like to think that with each year I get more beautiful (especially when I smile) and someday you will look at me and realize that all you want for Christmas is me; I’d like to think it were that easy. It isn’t hard to be happy throughout the holidays because I have got plenty of love from family and friends to satisfy me for a lifetime, but when I lay my head down at night and realize there is no one beside me… that you aren’t beside me, well, there is no bigger loneliness than that moment. This Christmas will be just like all of the others; it will be filled with hot chocolate, sugar cookies, and gifts I would be better without. I should be grateful that I at least have some blankets to keep me warm.