You were once my other half, a piece of the puzzle I needed to feel complete. It is almost a shame that you didn’t feel the same, but when there is nothing I can do to change it I will sit back and watch, popcorn and beer in hand. You had to change yourself so drastically to find this happiness you felt you were lacking. I’m happy if you’re happy, I’ll tell you that, but there is such a black cloud hovering over the world once I realized you would no longer let me be a part of that happiness. I can’t control who you are, but it doesn’t mean I will sit back and act like who you are now is the most genuine I’ve seen you.

You were once someone I held so dear to me; whenever I needed someone, you were there, just as I was there for you. I’ve ignored many lies you spat out during these years we’ve been together because I knew you wanted so badly for people to accepted you. I just wish you would’ve realized I would’ve accepted you no matter what, even if the truth was so gruesome that most would want to run away. I would’ve stuck by you through thick and thin and though we have made it this far, I can see the end of the tunnel for us. The day I began losing respect for you is one I cannot deny and there comes a point where my own happiness matters more than pretending to believe yours. I will miss you through and through, but nothing will make me look back now.