She wakes up, startled by the creaking of her bedroom door. The room is full of darkness and it is taking her eyes too long to adjust so she cannot see a thing. “Elliot, is that you?” she asks. In the few moments after waking up her mind is always a bit jumbled and she can’t remember who she fell asleep with last night. He doesn’t say a word, he just kisses her and tells her to lay back down. The scruffiness of his face makes her realize that it is Elliot; how could it have been anyone else? She complies and rests her head back on her pillow. Though she is wondering where he is heading off to, she doesn’t ask; she just hopes she can get some rest and fall back asleep.

Eventually her eyes fall heavy and she drifts into a deep slumber. By the time she awakes in the morning the sun seems to have been out for a while and Elliot lays asleep besides her. She usually wakes up when he comes back into bed, but this time she slept like a rock. Deciding against waking him up, she crawls out of bed and into the nearest robe and heads into the kitchen. The tiles are cold against her toes so after she starts the morning coffee she hops onto a chair and sits on her feet to keep them warm. The smell of coffee fills the room and makes the morning so much better. Usually Elliot is awake first so she finds it so peaceful to wake up to such a quiet apartment. By the time the coffee finishes brewing, she feels as though she doesn’t even need the caffeine to wake her up, but she gets her cup ready anyway. Once the cup is empty, it is time to follow her usual routine for the day.

First stop is the shower. She used to love showering before bed because she could sleep in a little longer in the morning, but ever since she stopped going to college she can sleep in to any hour and she has realized that second to coffee, there is no better way to wake up. The bathroom steams up fast and she slips off her robe to step inside. The water is so hot, almost scorching, but this morning, that is how she wants it. Her body first tenses up at the heat, but soon relaxes and she feels that it is as good as a massage. She hears the door creak open and assumes Elliot is just stepping in for a piss, but she then hears the shower door open and before she can turn around to ask if he is coming to join her, she feels his lips kissing the curve of her back. She almost forgot how something as simple as a kiss can send a rush of heat through her body, even hotter than the scorching shower.

Elliot presses himself against her and she doesn’t want to ever detach herself from this shower, his body, or this moment. Their love has become so routine like every other aspect of her life that she forgot the passion that was once between them. As he kisses every inch of her body under the water, though, she feels as though this is her first time being with him all over again. Her body feels brand new and her soul enlightened. She loses her sense of time and by the time they turn the water off and step out into the cold bathroom, she feels exhausted and wants to crawl back into bed. Apparently, Elliot feels the same way and they find themselves entangled with each other within minutes.

Thanks to this morning, she is reminded that though life often seems to turn into a routine, sometimes the simplest of things can bring you back to what really matters, whether it be a fresh cup of coffee, keeping your toes warm, or spending hours entangled with your lover.