I have been feeling quite lonely lately and it is getting old. I never thought myself to be the woman who needs to have a man, who needs to let someone else validate her and to be honest I don’t think that is even it; I just hate the feeling of being lonely. I remember nights falling asleep in someone’s arms and the mornings waking up together. Perhaps I am being petty and typical, but sometimes you just want someone to be there. Someone to ramble on with or someone to sit in silence with comfortably; it is silly of me to think that these things are too much to ask for, but when you find yourself empty handed it feels like you’ve been asking for the world. Have I been asking for the world? I hate to be alone all of the time and though I don’t want to think there is something I am lacking, I wonder why I can’t find myself happy with someone else. I don’t always feel lonely when I am alone, but at this moment in time, I am beginning to feel empty from the lack of company.