I could sleep all of these hours away; it is the only time my mind will get some rest. The act of falling asleep can be torturous and takes hours since my mind only wants to think of you and us and the last time I saw you. No matter how long it is been, that is how it always is. So I prefer sleep over anything else; drinking, eating, conversing, showering- all of these moments you are like a record playing in my mind. Over and over. I almost wonder how someone can consume your whole life; be the center of your day and your thoughts, but I realize that there is no answer. No one will ever be able to come up with how such a thing exists because they are too busy thinking of this person, this man or woman, this love, to ever come up with any substantial reason. I wish I could sleep today; I wish I were asleep right at this moment. When I am asleep is the only time my brain gets a rest from thinking of you and I keep hoping that one day I will wake up and you will not be on my mind.