I used to know you so well and I can’t pinpoint when everything changed, but I know there must have been something to influence you so much. We may share the same bed, but it feels as though I am laying with a stranger. I remember when we used to talk about life and death and everything in between, but now we barely even ask each other how the day went. I am dwelling on the memories of the past because I no longer believe in a future for us. I wonder when things will finally break down; will it be when I finally finish college or will it be as soon as the lease is done? I’m not sure why I am still even holding on to the last thread that keeps us together, but perhaps it is because I have never been fond of goodbyes. All there is for me to do is sit and wait it out; I wish I could ignore the fact that the end is coming, but I’d be a fool if I did. I’ll spend the rest of the days untouched and unloved and I promise not to say too much as long as I can fall asleep next to you at night and pretend that you’re still the man I once knew,