You’re filthy, disgusting, and vulgar. You’ve got those hungry eyes with no passion behind them. You’re scruffy, just how I like it. The friction it will make upon my soft face is enough to get me excited with just a kiss alone. Your hair is tossed, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had sex right before you came here. Sex hair is always the best hair, I suppose. Your hands are grimy, stained black with all of the work you did today. Your skin is pink, burned from the sun. You’re hungry, I can tell. My guess is you have been starving all day, waiting for this moment for me to undress. Your rough fingers undo each button slowly, but I know you’re eager to get inside. You want to play it cool, like this isn’t want you desire the most, but honey, I can tell. I don’t mind. You’re filthy, disgusting, and vulgar; so am I.