Good morning; the sun’s been out for hours, asking where you’ve been. I tugged at your arms and kissed your lips, but you refused to get up and on with the day. I love you, do you know that? I wish you’d understand me; hell, I wish you’d believe me. You prance around the world looking for something wonderful, but don’t you realize that what we’ve got is the best you’d ever hope for? You’re scared that what we have is real and you refuse to get out of bed.

I’ve never understood girls like you. Every cell in your body is amazing; every inch of your body is gorgeous. Yet somehow, someone along the way has convinced you that you are something far less than what you really are. I almost think I will never be able to show you how great you are, but seeing you give up on yourself makes me realize that I never want to give up on the beautiful woman in front of me. Lift up your head, honey, let me kiss you.