I am finding it hard to concentrate; all I can think about his him. His eyes, his dimples, his soft, soft lips, and his wandering hands. He is as handsome as any man on the movie screens could be, but he is all mine. He could fill me up and I would still want more. I’m like a teenager; addicted to late night lust, yet I can never have enough. I am constantly craving more and my blood is hot, waiting for another fix. I check the clock and I still have a few more hours until I can get it.

The room is full with every seat filled. Usually I find class to be exhilarating; the amount of knowledge to attain in here is infinite, but my eyes keep wandering around the room, my mind moving even faster. All I can think of his him; all I want to learn is more about him. I want to memorize every inch of his skin; I want to remember his taste, his scent, his touch. Just a few more hours and another lesson can begin.

We’re learning about the body today. All we are is cells, blood, bones, and muscles. We can simplify so easily because we are all made the same- but oh, we are not all the same. Our passions are so expendable, our bodies can be so flexible. I wonder if our bodies will fit into each other like puzzle pieces; so easily put together. I wonder how long my marks will stay imprinted on you, my fingers clenching on my own leg just thinking about it. The pain is bringing me such pleasure.

The wait, however, is torturous. I lick my lips, anticipating them all over his body. I am increasing in temperature as I imagine his tong all over my own body. I’ve had him once, but I desire him again (and again). I cannot will myself away from these thoughts; they are all-consuming. I wonder why I even bothered to attend lecture when I am unable to concentrate on anything other than him, every single part of him. I can’t help but to wonder if his body is yearning for my own, but it almost doesn’t matter; nothing can stop me from consuming every ounce of him. Finally, lecture has come to an end and I am the first person out the door.

I contemplate giving him a call or sending him a short message so he will know I’ve had him on my mind, but I decide against it. My body is aching and I find myself in a sweat once I begin the drive I’ve been waiting for. I need to have him as soon as possible. I need to dig my teeth and nails into his flesh as he violated my body in all of the best ways imaginable. I’ve got tunnel vision and the end of the road is all that matters. Pretty soon, I arrive. I sit still in my car for a moment, trying to calm my nerves, but it is no use. My heart is racing at just the sight of his home. There is only a wooden door between us and it is time to eliminate that barrier.

Face to face at last. WE barely even wait for the door to shut behind me as we rip each others clothes off. I am not the only one who has been hungry this morning and it is time to dig into the feast; I am starving.