Perhaps it is, as some say, the little things. It is easy to think about the big picture and what is lacking in the here and now; so easy that we don’t realize what is sitting in front of us. Perhaps you are not my soulmate and perhaps we will never marry; maybe we won’t even make it a year from today. When I think about such pessimistic things I forget about the way I am feeling right now. It is the little things I have learned to love so much, the little things I have tried to tell myself weren’t enough. Looking at you now, though, I realize it is just right.

We can spend our nights watching movies of all genres, or at least trying to, without feeling an ounce of boredom. I love the way you try to tease me, but once I put on a pout, you’ll apologize until we kiss and make up. Do you remember the time my old neighbor died? I cried and cried and though most would think I was being dramatic, you held me and told me everything would be alright. There are moments when I fear you will leave me; you will realize that you want something more than what I could ever offer and when I tell you of these irrational thoughts going through my mind, you look me in the eyes and tell me there is no one better than me, except for Angelina Jolie, so you apologize in advance for the day you will leave me for her. Things aren’t too serious between us, but it is somehow enough to get through the days.

These are the little things; the little things that someday could make up a big thing. Until then, I’ll try to calm my nerves, breathe, and laugh at all your jokes (even when they aren’t funny).